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Minne-Roadtrip Co-op Marketing Effort Rolls Out
Innovative Coop Effort Serves Northfield, Faribault and Owatonna


Marketing and Tourism Directors at the Northfield, Owatonna and Faribault Chambers of Commerce have been working on ideas to help all three communities better prosper from travel and tourism.  Those high level efforts have led to the development of a brand and marketing plan to increase overnight stays in those communities.


According to Nort Johnson, Director of Community Marketing in Faribault the team concluded that the product offerings of art, history and culture from the three communities collectively make a compelling case for travelers to book an overnight. Combined with great out-door and night life amenities – our “Minne-region” has it all.    Katie Godfrey, Tourism Director from Owatonna shared, “Past marketing efforts focused on each individual community rather than our regional assets. It was clear that a compelling and easy to respond to message was needed.”  “That’s when we went to work creating a new brand” shared Lisa Peterson, Director of Tourism for Northfield.  She continued “The work was really positive, and moved swiftly given the fact that each town has terrific, unique opportunities for visitors.”


Minne-Roadtrip was chosen as the trio’s theme and it quickly evolved into a brand and logo.  Godfrey told us “Minne- Roadtrip represents everything we are.  Minnesota, close in proximity to the metro area (Minne–apolis), short distances between communities as well fun and unique attractions.  It really encapsulates our mini region and what a visit here is about.”  Peterson added “We went about this work with the pretense of extreme cooperation.  Each of us put on our regional hat and the work was done without regard to each town’s borders.  That’s what made this work, that’s why it’s so special.”


Johnson concluded with this.  “It’s a great brand.  Each organization is contributing to the efforts and funding without stipulation of individual exposure.  Travelers don’t really care much about city or county borders.  They want a great experience and are happy to make short drives to fill a weekend.  Combined we have that.”


The group’s first ads have rolled out, and the new website which links back to each community listings is now active.  They plan to populate the site with suggested 3-town itineraries, current information and blogs about local attractions, events, activities and unique dining opportunities.  Go to for more information or like the new Facebook Page Minne-Roadtrip.

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