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The Minne-Roadtrip

Gift Check Program!

Tourism bureaus and Chambers of Commerce in Owatonna, Northfield and Faribault have once again partnered under the award winning Minne-Roadtrip™ brand to offer gift checks to promote more local dining and shopping in our 3 communities.

Minne-Roadtrip™ checks are a great way to support local business!  Reward employees, thank customers or give a gift to anyone.  These checks are redeemable at most retail and dining businesses in all three communities so the lucky recipient can stay at home or make a “Minne-Roadtrip” to one of our neighbor towns to redeem their gift.

How to purchase Minne-Roadtrip™ Checks:


Cost for checks is face-value.  There are no additional fees or charges.  Pre-processed denominations of $10 and $25 are usually available for purchase “same day”.  Custom orders or large quantities are usually available in 1 business day.

Contact your local Chamber office to order your checks.


Owatonna (507) 451-7970 /  Northfield (507) 645-5604  /  Faribault (507) 334-4381

How to redeem Minne-Roadtrip™ Checks:


The business simply endorses the check, and deposits it into their account the same as a regular check.   Because there are no fees, the customer DOES receive change if they do not spend the whole amount.  Remember - unlike most gift cards, there are no fees so your business receives the full value!

These checks have an image of “Minne”, our award winning Roadtrip station wagon on the front.  Check amounts are computer printed and you or the customer fill in the business name. There will never be a denomination of more than $100.00 and the back of the check will have the “original document” watermark.

Please train your staff on how to accept these and help keep dollars in our local economy! Call us with any questions and THANKS for supporting our businesses!

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