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Cave-Aged Cheese, River Time and Hammerschlagen on the Minne-Roadtrip to Faribault, MN

You’ve just left your first stop on the Minne-Roadtrip in Owatonna, Minnesota. From there, it’s a 25-minute drive through pastoral landscapes. When you head into the heart of Faribault, you’ll drive past homes and businesses and into historic downtown. Nearby, is the convergence of two rivers‒the Straight River and the Cannon River.

What does a Minne-Roadtrip to Faribault, MN look like?

On this itinerary, you’ll stay in a historic bed and breakfast, tour a woolen mill, SUP down the river, and play a game of hammerschlagen. You’ll also be tempted by cave-aged cheese, lobster mash, and locally brewed beer. Read More...

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