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Loonshine, Nature Trails and Jesse James on the Minne-Roadtrip to Northfield, MN

In your rearview mirror, is the small town of Faribault. The next stop, 19-minutes away, is the two college town of Northfield, Minnesota.


What does a Minne-Roadtrip to Northfield, Minnesota look like?


On this itinerary, you’ll stay in a historic riverside inn, walk in the footsteps of the Jesse James Gang, stroll along trails at an arboretum, and discover underground restaurants and bars. You’ll be tempted by pastries from the farmer’s market, Canadian walleye, and creative gin and whiskey cocktails.


~ Thinking of going on a Minne-Roadtrip to Northfield, MN? Trip Advisor is my go-to source for travel and hotel reviews, but there are plenty of ways to get the local scoop. Read More...

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